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Science Week 2017 Exhibition

Discovery Primary Science Exhibition

The classes of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th from St. Moluas N.S. went to a science exhibition at St. Anne’s Primary School in Rathkeale on Tuesday the 14th of November. We attended a fantastic science show ran in conjunction with the National Science Week and with Mary Immaculate College.

Firstly the children learned all about the safety precautions needed to be taken when working with different chemicals. Then it was down to the experiments! The children were shown how to change the colour of water from red to clear and from fizzy to flat and vice versa. A favourite amongst all children attending was the experiment to show the diffusion of gas in the air. This was shown by filling bubbles with gas and then setting them alight to show an expanding fire ball!!

The super scientist demonstrating also taught about the powers of liquid nitrogen. We saw how flowers could be frozen so much that they shattered like glass. We were shown how to deflate and inflate balloons without bursting them, what happens when extremely hot water meets liquid nitrogen at -196 Degrees Celsius and much much more!!

The trip was very enjoyable and highlighted to the children the wonder and power of science and its presence in our daily lives.

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