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Our Art is Magic!

As well as doing our usual art classes, Tommy the art man has been coming in every week to teach us art and entertain us with magic.

The work that 5th and 6th Class did with Tommy included star sign banners, clay modelling, sunset paintings and colour filters.

The Junior and Senior Infants did a fun project with Ms Scanlon involving blue whales. They made cute blue whales using paper plates and paint, and they learnt fun facts about blue whales for example their favourite food is krill!

We've really enjoyed trying all these new techniques. We were all sad to see Tommy leave and we hope to have him back with us soon!

Rosemary Honan, 6th Class

Blue Whales by the Junior and Senior Infants

New Years Eve Scratch Art by 3rd and 4th Class

Sunset Paintings by 5th and 6th Class


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